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Driven by our love for candle making and the countless hours spent perfecting our craft, we decided to create a product that could share this joy with others. Thus, our candle making set was born, designed to bring the warmth and creativity of candle making into homes everywhere.


How does the story begin?

Our journey began in 2022 with a simple desire to create something meaningful, sustainable, and enjoyable for people of all ages so that they can spend quality free time at home together as we do. We believe that small acts of creation can bring others immense happiness. Our DIY set is thought to disconnect people from the digital world and motivate them create something with their own hands and hearts.

Carefully designed with passion, “Dankbar” is more than just a collection of candle making supplies – it’s an experience that allows you to create beautiful, scented candles that reflect your personal style or a way to express someone your gratitude, just one more way to say someone “Thank you”.

Engaging community

“Dankbar” is also the foundation of a powerful community of candle enthusiasts. We encourage you to share your creations, connect with other makers and find inspiration. We are here to support you as you explore the art of handcrafted candles.


Sei Dankbar, say Thank you!

Sincerly yours,

Yoana & Alex

dankbar founders
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